Honoring Game Of Thrones’ Hottest Character, Margaery Tyrell

Game Of Thrones just became significantly less attractive. During the season 6 finale, “The Winds Of Winter”, the beloved Margaery Tyrell met her fiery end. Literally, she exploded in the Sept Of Baelor. Bae died in Baelor (ha! Thornes puns!).

Margaery Tyrell was truly one of the most capable characters on the show. Seemingly the only one who ever knew what the hell was going on, Margaery was chosen by THREE different kings to be their queen. Can you blame them?

Thankfully, GoT rewarded us before she died, way back in season 3. Since we’re a family website, I won’t be posting any photos or videos of that moment here, you can easily find it by watching Game Of Thrones Season 3, episode 3. Also, it’s on Youtube. Not sure how, but it’s there.

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Plus, let’s not forget these top 20 GIFs in human history:

My god, we’ll miss you, Margaery.



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