Johnny Manziel’s Life Continues To Unravel, Lawyer Resigns After Texting Reporter About Johnny’s Drug Habit

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is great. Honestly, I don’t care if the kid is a crippling drug addict, I’m still going to openly laugh at how pathetic his situation is. They say there is nothing more tragic then wasted talented, but in this case, I think it’s glorious. I mean, HIS LAWYER TEXTED THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A PRIVATE TEXT MESSAGE. How do you f*ck up that bad?! I used to like Manziel, and I hope one day he overcomes his demons, but people, don’t forget this is a man who not only threw away a multi-millionaire dollar career in favor of using drugs, but was also indicted from assaulting his ex-girlfriend, and well as a litany of other legal troubles. The dude just ain’t a good guy.

Last week, Johnny Manziel’s lawyer Bob Hinton, in an act of almost unprecedented stupidity, accidentally sent a lengthy text message to The Associated Press, expressing his doubts about the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback’s ability to stay clean. It indicated that Manziel’s legal team was seeking a plea deal with prosecutors, but that would be difficult, given Manziel’s addict tendencies. “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle,” Hinton wrote in a text message. Also in the messages to the AP, Hinton also said that he was given a receipt that shows Manziel might have spent more than $1,000 at a drug paraphernalia store a mere 15 hours after he was involved in a hit-and-run crash. Classic Johnny.

Dude, Bobby, you’re a Texas lawyer who probably charges a couple grand an hour. How in the blue hell do you mess up so badly? This is just further prove that lawyer’s are just con-artists with fancy degrees.

Johnny Manziel’s lead attorney Jim Darnell today confirmed to me withdrawal of associate counsel Bob Hinton from Manziel case.

— Denise C Michaels (@denisecmichaels) June 27, 2016

Look, drug addiction is a serious problem, and at the end of the day, I truly wish the best for Johnny’s health. Notice how I said HEALTH, though, because when it comes to other aspects of his life, I’ll gladly point and laugh as it all falls apart. This is a kid who had the world handed to him from the moment it was born, and he ended up snorting it away. These are the type of people who deserve to be laughed at, whether you like it or not. People laugh when they hear Ryan Leaf’s name, don’t they? How about Jamarcus Russell? Manziel is in the same boat.

Andddddd, to add insult to injury, I will also share this link to the 22 hottest photos of Manziel’s sister.

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