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Silvia Fascians, from Padua, Italy, believed she was on the verge of death as her weight dipped to just seven stone leaving her with a BMI of 14.1. However, when she spotted a ‘lean and toned’ Instagram model, she realized the damage she was doing to her body and she decided to get in shape. Today, she tells people how Instagram helped save her life and inspired her to become a fitness social media star.

Silvia, who is now a much healthier, posts daily photographs and videos to Instagram showing how she combines gym workouts with a balanced diet. Silvia, who is now 22, says her eating disorders began at the age of 18, after leaving a professional basketball team and losing contact with her former teammates. She said:

“From the moment I left the changing rooms, my teammates, who had been like my siblings, never considered me again. My body was empty, I lost any shape or form, and I was reduced to skin and bones. That made me feel abandoned and worthless. Thoughts about restricting food began to take advantage of me. It all spiraled down when my granddad passed away, again I felt abandoned and lonely. Then I fell into what I call my darkest nightmare. That December my grandmother passed away, and the dark blackened.”

Silvia says at her worst, she would binge and purge up to five times a day. That continued until one say she saw an Instagram picture of a girl who was leaned and toned. That’s all it took for her to realize the harm she was causing herself, and that she had to change her ways.

“Instagram saved my life by making me see a real life story of what doctors or people were just telling me, I needed proof and Instagram gave it to me. Something clicked and I began to think that I could be that girl too.I told my therapist but she totally shut me down and told me I couldn’t exercise in my conditions because she thought I would just go on the treadmill and run my calories away.

It’s funny to think how a few years ago food was my nightmare and now it is my main source of joy.I want to keep motivating, sharing my past and present life with people.”

What an inspiration. Yet another example of it’s never too late.

You can follow Siliva on Instagram. Actually, you should follow Silvia on Instagram.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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