JJ Watt Has His Own Pair Of Signature Training Sneakers Coming Soon

JJ Watt training shoe photos

JJ Watt and Reebok are releasing a signature shoe for the Houston Texans‘ best player. But for a couple of different reasons, the sneaker isn’t going to be a pair of cleats you’ll see him wearing on the field. Instead, Reebok and Justin James Watt are going for a training shoe based on the phrase “Hunt Greatness.”

So why a training shoe? “We wanted to create something every athlete out there can wear, whether a professional athlete, a mom who drops kids off at school or a dad who runs in the park,” Watt told SportsIllustrated. “I love [training]. It can help make an athlete better. As a football player I can only spend so much time on the football field, so the time I spend training I wear my training shoes much more than I wear my cleats. This is important to me.”

The answer is actually a little more complicated than that. The truth is that Reebok and JJ might have wanted to make a training shoe, but they were also unable to make a football cleat because Nike is the official partner of the NFL–meaning you’d never see JJ able to wear them on the field.

Closer look at @JJWatt signature training shoe, costs wait for it… $99. Debuts July 15 pic.twitter.com/h1CWsa7hKI

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) June 23, 2016

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