These Texts A Goldman Sachs Employee Sent To A Hooker Are Downright Hilarious

Whether you’ve heard about it in a positive or negative light, one this is for certain: you have heard of Goldman Sachs.
Well, you’re about to hear about them again, because according to Business Insider, a former Goldman Sachs employee negotiated with prostitutes he was trying to provide for the bank’s clients at Libya’s national investment fund. On Wednesday, texts between former Goldman Sachs employee named Youssef Kabbaj, and a call-girl known as “Michella” were released. They were released because Wednesday was the second day of a court case between the Libyan Investment Authority and Goldman Sachs. Talk about kicking them while they’re down.
The reason for the suit is becayse Libyan Investment Authority is claiming it lost $1 billion on nine trades executed by Goldman Sachs in 2008. Mmmmmmm, 2008, why does that ring a bell? Something big happened with our economy that year, right?
Anyway, enough about a bunch of economic mumbo-jumbo that none of us understand, here’s the full hilarious transcript of the texts between Youssef and Michella:

Youssef Kabbaj: Hi darling, do you remeber me? Yousef fom london. Just arrived in dubai. Available tonight, with a friend?
Michella: I dont remember u sorry. But where r u staying?
YK: Ritz carlton. We met at emirates tower then mirage. Moroccan restaurant. Moroccan.
M: Yes i remember u.want to meet 2n؛te?
YK: Cool. Michella from media city:))) with pleasure. Where? I am with a friend. We’re on our way to the hotel from the airport. Where do you want to meet? Hotel? Somewhere else?
M: I can come to your hotel you will give me and my friend 1500
YK: 200usd each. For taxi.
M: No 300
YK: Come and we will have a drink and discuss. I missed you
M: I can not do that
YK: Where are you now?
M: I am out but im not coming until there for 200
YK: Ok. Come. You have a deal.
M: 300 ok? And i bring my friend too?
YK: Yes. Your friend has to be as good looking at you.
M: Ok.

Goldman Sachs’ new motto should be: “You can put us down, but you can’t keep us down!”.
[h/t Business Insider]

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