WATCH: Student Disarm Active Shooter With Pepper Spray During Seattle Pacific University 2014 Shooting

Back on June 5, 2014, a gunman killed one and injured another during a shooting at Seattle Pacific University. In newly released footage, a student is seen disarming the gunman with pepper spray.
According to the Seattle Times:

The video, released Tuesday by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, includes the so-called “three-minute video,” which shows a man identified by police as Aaron Ybarra shoot a student before being wrestled to the floor by another student in Otto Miller Hall. he videos, which were released after a lengthy court fight, add a new dimension to incidents already described by police and others.

Paul Lee, 19, was killed in the shooting. Another student, Thomas Fowler Jr., was wounded, while a third student, Sarah Williams, was seriously injured when she was shot inside the hall.
Victims of the shooting as well as the university had tried to block the city from releasing the videos, however, various media outlets, sought the videos under the state’s Public Records Act.
The hero in the video is Jon Meis, who was a student-safety monitor in the dorm building:

The Seattle Times is releasing only a small scene from the video that shows the extraordinary, lifesaving actions of student-safety monitor Jon Meis. The Times is not releasing any images that show the shooting or victims.
Seconds after Ybarra allegedly shot and seriously wounded a young woman inside Otto Miller Hall, Meis comes around a corner armed with a small can of pepper spray. As the gunman breaks open his double-barreled shotgun to reload, Meis sprays him in the eyes and tackles him, pulling the shotgun out of his hands.

There are hundreds of adjectives to describe this video, but I’m gonna keep it short and sweet and just use three: intense, courageous, heroic.
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[h/t Seattle Times]

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