Shizuka Minamoto: Hottest Photos of Goldman Sachs Japan Actress

A woman who went by the stage name “Shizuka Minamoto” was offered a job at Goldman Sachs Japan before the prestigious company learned she had been an adult actress. Her real name is currently unknown, but the woman used the name of an anime character from the show Doraemon. The Daily Mail reports that she had nearly secured a job to work at the bank’s Japanese office when they learned of her previous job. That’s when Goldman Sachs cancelled their contract agreement, known as a naitei in Japan.

According to those who know better, Shizuka began experimenting with the AV industry while she was a student in college.

“She wasn’t going for money or fame: she didn’t have those kinds of goals. She’s the type who was curious. She didn’t have experience with sex. She also didn’t have a boyfriend when she first discovered the AV world, which was when she was 18. She made her debut because she wanted more pleasure; so she was really driven in that sense.”

She appeared in four movies in total, all of which were shot during her first two years of school. And yes, most if not all of them involved some sort of school outfit.
A ton of people have been poking fun at the fact that they’re surprised that Goldman Sachs had a code of ethics in the first place.

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