We Took A Tour Of The George Dickel Whisky Distillery In Tullahoma, TN & Stepped Back In Time

Taking a walk through the George Dickel Whisky distillery in Tullahoma, TN is like stepping back in time. There’s no cell service. The buildings date back to the 1950’s. And there are just 35 employees who make this whole thing run. In fact, George Dickel Tennessee Whisky is handcrafted with the same quality and attention to detail that would make George himself very proud.
“Handmade the hard way,” said Allisa Henley, GD’s distiller – and one of the few female distillers in the whisky world.
Allisa Henley, George Dickel Whisky Distiller. Photo by Megan Heintz
It’s a phrase that they’re very proud of and have stuck to for decades. Thanks to Henley, this hidden gem – just over an hour outside Nashville – has remained consistent, a word that’s now synonymous with George Dickel Whisky.
Just how consistent are we talking? Considering three men literally put labels on all of the bottles by hand, it’s safe to say that from barrel to bottle, you’re getting a truly handmade product. During a time when technology seems to be evolving before our very eyes, this approach is refreshing.
Oh, and so is the whisky.
We were lucky enough to try some – even one that was aged 17 years. For those of you who aren’t whisky connoisseurs, that’s like, really old…and usually very expensive. This rare find was bottled and released in Tennessee only on Monday, June 6 and nearly sold out by dinnertime – 647 of the 800 bottles to be exact. People traveled from Colorado, Georgia, and other areas of the country just to get their hands on a $75 bottle – or bottles – which is a true testament to just how special George Dickel Whisky really is.
Let’s just say, our Monday was better than yours. I suggest you plan a trip to Tullahoma stat and enjoy a whisky that truly is “handmade the hard way.”
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