LMFAO: You Have To Watch This Drunk Driving Russian Get The Crap Kicked Out Of Him

I don’t know if this is definitely in Russia, but I think it’s certainly a safe bet to assume it is. Or at least near Russia. And no, I don’t think this is Russia because of the language their speaking — I think this is Russia based on the Florida-like craziness of the video.

My Russian buddy who works next to me was able to confirm that yes, they are speaking Russian, and yes, almost every single word in the video is a curse word. Unsurprisingly, I have zero clue what the driver’s game plan was. A little liquid courage was obviously involved in the equation, but still, I don’t see the reasoning behind picking a fight with this dude. I mean, let’s forget everything else for a second: the guy he is trying to punch is wearing a f*cking racing helmet. Good luck breaking through that one, buddy.

Now, maybe he picked the fight because the bikers cut him off and he was concerned with the well being of his car? Nope. Because as soon as he hops out the whip, he doesn’t even put it in park — the car just keeps on rolling down the dusty trail.

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