Miss USA 2016: Hottest Swimsuit [PHOTOS]

The 2016 Miss USA competition is happening on Sunday, June 5, 2016, at 7 p.m. ET —broadcast live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, where beautiful women are still allowed to dress up as showgirls and hang around poolside in bikinis. We have seen this for ourselves, and that was research money well spent.
In that same spirit, The Miss USA pageant still has a swimsuit competition where the beauties are showing off in bikinis. This year’s broadcast even adds a 52nd contestant , with a wild-card (and kind of reality-television) gal selected from the 51 runner-ups from the state title-holder competitions. The 51st contestant is always Miss District of Columbia, but we forget that every year.
Update: We meant to say that we forget ever year except for this one, because this year’s winner Deshauna Barber is from DC.

You don’t have to worry about Miss USA being too politically incorrect, though. Tonight’s broadcast also features teh first time since 2002 that the Miss USA franchise isn’t owned by Donald Trump. That means less rioting — or a lessened chance of rioting, assuming those types keep up with Miss USA as much as we do.
And let’s not forget that we’re also saying goodbye to 26-year-old Olivia Jordan. She’s handing over the crown tonight, after becoming the first Miss Oklahoma to ever win the competition. Follow that link to look back with great fondness — but first, check out the hottest photos from the Miss USA 2016 preliminary swimsuit competition…

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