LISTEN: Strokes, Future Past Present Stream: New EP

Strokes Past Present Future

The Strokes released Future Past Present, a new EP today. Obviously a four track EP isn’t as great as a full-length album but we’ll take new material from one of this decade’s best rock bands any time. The Strokes will be one of the headliners at Governor’s Ball this weekend, so those of you party animals headed there will probably get to hear the new stuff in person.

Early reviews of Future Past Present are somewhat lukewarm, but fans of the band should be happy that the group is still together after almost ten years of making music. That being said, here’s how StereoGum classifies the timing of this release.

There’s something philosophically irritating about Future Present Past arriving before the band headlines a pair of festival dates. It scans as disingenuous, as “Well, we have to do something.”

Future Past Present Track List

1. Drag Queen


3. Threat of Joy

4. OBLIVIOUS – Moretti Remix

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