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Whale Vomit is Taking Over This Australian Beer & WTF That is SICK

Moby Dick Ambergris Ale Vomit

Robe Town Brewery

When it comes to beer, I prefer things simple: cool and f*cking delicious. That’s it. But like every person on the face of the planet, I have a line I will not cross, and that line is definitely well before whale vomit.

Moby Dick Ambergris Ale is making a name for themselves for one of their disgusting key ingredients: whale vomit. The limited-run beer is literally brewed using the throw-up from sperm whales. Apparently it’s also used in perfumes. Who knew Australians were so f*cked up?

“The result is a pungent, animalistic aroma, musky ethereal perfume, full body, caramel malt and fruity flavours, very balanced bitterness,” the brewery’s website states. “Though the aroma may not be for the faint-hearted, and the beer isn’t exactly vegan-friendly, the ambergris perfume adds another dimension to this unique tasting experience.”

According to UPI,  not everyone is as appalled by this ingredient as I am.

Robe Town brewers Maris and Kristi Biezaitis told ABC News that the idea for the beer was inspired by a friend’s discovery of a lump of ambergris.

“When I heard that ambergris was used in the perfume industry, I thought ‘I wonder if that could be used to flavor or spice up a beer,’” Maris Biezaitis said. “It was a relatively fresh piece, quite a smelly piece, so it was airing and curing in the backyard before I got hold of it.”

Kristi Biezaitis said the beer has a “challenging” taste and stays true to its ocean roots. “It tastes a little bit like the sea, it tastes a little bit like marine animals. It’s really interesting I think,” she said.

Kristi Biezaitis, there is something seriously wrong with you. What kind of masochist would want to drink this? I’ll tell you — the same people that were into Two Girls One Cup.

I’ll stick to Red Stripe.

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