Nayla Kidd: Columbia Student Who Went Missing Explains ‘Escaping Ivy League Life’

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Nayla Kidd had plenty of people in NYC freaking out when the Columbia University engineering student disappeared on May 5th. There was a citywide search and lots of YouTube sleuthing while Nayla’s mother was fearing the worst back in Kentucky. But now Nayla has explained what happened in the New York Post, and…well, it’s all still kind of baffling.

The full article, in which Nayla tells her story in the first person to the Post’s Melkorka Licea, is headlined: “Why I had to escape my Ivy League life and disappear.” That’s weird enough right there. We would love to escape into an Ivy League life. What follows is a very matter-of-fact explanation that Nayla didn’t think Columbia University provided the intimate instruction of her old boarding school, where she was a proper big deal. So the student quietly got herself a new apartment, deleted all of her social media, and then just quit answering the phone.

nayla kidd

Nayla’s bizarre account has us thinking that a lot of mental illness emerges around the age of 18. Not that we’re saying Nayla is nuts or anything. She sounds totally sensible — especially when she declares, “School isn’t for me, and I’m OK with that…I want to make and produce music and work on my writing. I want to continue my modeling career and see if I can make money doing freelance gigs.”

We missed that part about Nayla being a model while she was missing. Does she model for “Missing Person” flyers? That’s a niche.

Also, the article has a sidebar written by Nayla’s scientist mother titled: “Reuniting with my daughter was awkward after she cut me off.” Yeah, we bet. Did we mention that Nayla’s disappearance went on through Mother’s Day? Yeah. “Awkward” is a scientifically valid word right there.

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