Amber Heard Has Massive Black Eye, Claims Johnny Depp Smashed Phone In Her Face

Amber Heard showed up to court with a black eye today to file for a domestic violence restraining order against Johnny Depp. She arrived at court with a serious shiner and her lawyer Samantha Spector.

Amber is saying that she’s been the victim of repeated domestic violence and that she’s had enough. The photo you’re seeing now, Amber says, was caused by Johnny Depp on Saturday. She claims that “Depp smashed his iPhone into her face [source].”

She also says that she’s got video of one of the attacks.

All of this comes less than a week after Amber filed for divorce. At first, there were murmurs that the cause of the divorce was that Amber’s family disliked Johnny, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case. I mean, they might not like Johnny because he allegedly beats her, but “familial differences” aren’t really the cause of the problem anymore.

Amber Heard Black Eye Photos

Here are some photos of Amber Heard’s black eye that she claims were caused by Johnny Depp. This is a picture that Amber submitted as evidence for her domestic violence restraining order.

Amber Heard Black Eye Johnny Depp iPhone Bruise

TMZ also posted this photo on their website.

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