WATCH: These Guys Opened Up About What They Wanted More Of In Bed & Yeah We Saw That Coming

Trying to understand the opposite sex is a near impossible task, especially when it comes to sex (and you feel awkward asking about it). No matter how many movies you watch, books you read, or questions you pose to the general Reddit community, if you want to get laid better, you’re going to have to ask. It’s the way of the world! Just make sure you know how to broach the subject and everything should be all good. Again, think before you talk. Don’t forget that part.

In a recent video from Cosmopolitan, correspondent Carly Ann Filbin asked dudes on the street what they want more of from women when between the sheets. Since they were talking to a complete stranger, they really let loose. Can’t say I’m surprised by their responses, either. Who doesn’t want a threesome these days, right?

Check out all of their answers in the full video below.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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