Jelena Peric: Hottest Photos Of Kim Kardashian Lookalike

Jelena Peric is not the latest Kim Kardashian lookalike, but she is definitely the hottest. The a 24-year-old makeup artist from Zagreb, Croatia has been gaining attention on Instagram for her resemblance to reality star/American pop culture court jester Kim Kardashian.

What Jelena has going for her that the other Kim Kardashin dooplegangers don’t is that she is a professional makeup artist, so she can easily copy Kardashian’s style, making them look more a like.

Also, Jelena is about 10 years younger and Kim K, and 10 times hotter. Other than that, it’s hard to find much information on her. But I was able to find plenty of picture, from which I realized one thing:

I  really need to check out Croatia.

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