Baylor Fired Head Art Briles After Allegations Of Covering Up Multiple Crimes By Players

According to sources close to the story, Baylor University‘s Board of Regents has fired Head Coach Art Briles amid allegations he was aware of multiple instances of players involved in domestic violence and sexual assaults, and did nothing about it. If those allegations are true, it would be a direct violation of Title IX, which states that school officials must adequately investigate allegations of sexual violence.

Update: CNN announced that football coach Art Briles has been suspended with the intent of termination. This will allow Art to resign, if he so wishes.

That same source revealed that Art has informed his players and assistants via text message.

Baylor University is expected to make an announcement later on today at noon.

Art Briles’ firing comes just one day after Baylor University’s former president Kenneth Starr was also let go. Starr was also named in an ESPN report that alleged high-ranking school officials were aware of various accusations and attempted to cover them up.

Why Was He Fired?

Coach Briles was fired from the Baylor Bears Head Coach position after growing pressure from the Board of Regents to respond to the allegations that the school had covered up multiple crimes committed by the football team.

Reaction To Firing

To be honest, a lot of people are surprised that Baylor University went ahead and fired Art Briles. We’re not saying we disagree with the decision, it’s just unexpected that Baylor would actually go ahead and do the right thing. Many (ourselves included) expected that Baylor would at the most fire President Dr. Kenneth Starr, put some internal sanctions on their football team, and move on–hoping to keep their cash cow churning out money.

However, Art was well loved by most within the Baylor Bears family. He almost single-handed revolutionized the college football offense, turning Baylor’s football team into a serious force in an extremely competitive conference.

It stands to reason that Baylor Bears football players are less than pleased.

Coach briles the only reason I came to Baylor of he not my HC here I don't think I could touch the field for another man

— Barbados Slim (@_bigmo__) May 26, 2016

It will be very interesting to see what Baylor’s team looks like next year. From the looks of things, a lot of players are saying they’re either going to transfer or just flat-out refuse to play. A good amount of fans are ok with that, though. Here’s a small sampling of people responding to Ty Young’s comment about “I’m not playing til we get @CoachArtBriles back”

Shame what blind loyalty looks like

— David Faux (@DFauxy) May 26, 2016

You might as well go get those transfer papers pimp. HE GONE.

— Grizzly Black (@34odd) May 26, 2016


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