17 People Trapped in Cave in Kentucky: Full Story and Must-See Update

Emergency officials and dive teams are in search of 17 people who are currently trapped in a cave in Horse Cave, KY.

What Happened?

This morning, around 10 a.m., 17 individuals wandered into the Hidden River Cave and American Cave Museum. Unfortunately, while inside, all access points were flooded by rising waters following a storm. This means that the entire group is trapped inside of the cave until further notice. Luckily the people trapped inside are accompanied by experienced guides. So, they should be in good hands.

Reported Rescues

Currently, over 30 emergency officials are working to rescue the group. The flooding was so intense, that emergency crews requested help from dive teams out of Barren County and Campbellsville. The first rescues were reported around 4:20 p.m. Four people have managed to exit the cave without suffering any injuries.


After further investigation, it was revealed that 19 people were actually trapped in the cave; two more than previously stated. It has also been announced that all 19 were rescued safely.

BREAKING: Emergency Management says all 19 people trapped in Hidden River Cave have been rescued safely.

— WBKO Television (@wbkotv) May 26, 2016

Rescued cavers gather at dr. Thomas house next to cave pic.twitter.com/YBFVSzIdsV

— Daily News Photo (@bgdnphoto) May 26, 2016


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