University of Texas Graduate Takes a Cap to the Face in This Hilarious Video

Every year at the University of Texas at Austin, the graduating class gathers at the base of the UT Tower to watch the annual fireworks ceremony. It’s a beloved tradition, one that allows the graduates to end their time at the university with a bang. However, for one unfortunate student, this “bang” was a little too literal.

During the ceremony, Meagan was just one of many students recording the moment on her phone. As is traditional, students began to throw their graduation caps into the air. Suddenly, just a few seconds into the video, a graduation cap comes careening out of nowhere, striking Meagan in the face.

Check it out and try to keep from laughing hysterically:

UT had to serve me one last L before I left.

— in charge here (@meagnacarta) May 22, 2016

According to Meagan, the video is, “My entire time at UT summed up in 5 seconds.”

Since it was posted to Twitter Saturday, the video has been retweeted over 15,000 times and liked over 21,000 times. “I’m okay with this being my Twitter peak,” writes Meagan. “I’ve made an indelible mark.”

We can only hope that cap didn’t leave an indelible mark on her face.

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