You Literally Won’t Believe How Much Snapchat Is Worth These Days

I’ll give you a chance to guess, and I’ll even include a hint: last time we heard, Snapchat’s valuation was at about $5 billion.

Okay, do you have your number? Cause it’s probably wrong.

Snapchat is currently valued at … $20 BILLION.

First, Snapchat turned down a buyout offer from Facebook for $3 billion. Then, a few years later, it came out that Snapchat was worth a cool $5 billion. Now, only a mere couple years after that, Snapchat has quadrupled it’s valuation.  Experts in the industry are speculating that Snapchat’s new valuation could be $22.7 billion. Snapchat, which launched five years ago, now has over 100 million daily active users of its photo and messaging service.

According Business Insider, there are a couple of reasons for Snapchat’s new valuation:

Snapchat has been making moves, most recently purchasing the custom emoji creation tool Bitstrips back in March, and improving its core functionality. Coupling those with the fact that Snapchat is more popular than ever, it’s no surprise why investors both new and old are trying to get a bigger piece of the action.

While there are risks involved with such a high valuation being placed on such a young company — i.e. inability to meet expectations — it is relatively clear there is nothing that is going to stop Snapchat, as it has clearly taken hold of the most crucial demographic: millenials.

Myself for example, Snapchat was the last social media app I downloaded. I started with Facebook freshman year of high school, then a Twitter sometime as an upperclassmen, downloaded Instagram when I got to college, and Snapchat most recently a couple of years ago. However, I use Snapchat the most now, by FAR.

There ain’t no stopping Snapchat now. You really whiffed on that one, Zuckeberg.

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