New Movie Trailers: ‘Star Trek: Beyond,’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ And More… [VIDEOS]

star trek beyond trailer video

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is sinking at the box office this weekend, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer movie that’s out to lecture us about the patriarchy. The good news is that we’re pretty happy about one upcoming big summer movie that should be lousy. The bad news is that we’re getting the second pitch-and-a-miss on two other summer movies that we’d like to condemn as members of the patriarchy — which frankly, is a lot less powerful than people think.

Or you can just forget the bigger picture and consider these four new cinematic sneak peeks to be offering something for everybody. The last one is still really painful, though….

Star Trek Beyond

We’ve been underwhelmed by J.J. Abrams’ renewed Star Trek franchise — but we’re proud to be officially excited over director Justin Lin moving over from The Fast and the Furious franchise. It’s a move that makes perfect sense, and Star Trek Beyond seems to be promising us a real proper throwback to the days of — well, not the television series, but to how Wrath of Khan brought the best of the series to the big screen….


Here’s another attempt to convince us that Ghostbusters isn’t going to be a really disappointing remake/revamp/reboot — and we’ll give some credit to an opening scene that shows Leslie Jones doesn’t have to scream her every line. Also, we’re seeing Michael McDonald right at the start, and he’s always a welcome presence in a movie. Furthermore, proton packs. But the main feeling that we’re getting from this trailer (and Chris Hemsworth’s increased role) is that it feels more like a disappointing big-screen version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer….

The Purge: Election Year

With a none-too-subtle opening on the 4th of July, the latest Purge film has some hardcore political content that seems to skip Purge Night fun for more of a  D.C. thriller. That’s not good. The Purge: Anarchy was also really political, but showed a lot more of what we really wanted to see about how a Purge night goes out in the streets. This looks more like a second try at making an Olympus Has Fallen sequel. At least we know that we’ll get a lot more Frank Grillo than ended up in Captain America: Civil War

Nine Lives

And here’s the most hateful trailer that we’ve seen this week — mostly because it’s really sad to see what Kevin Spacey is doing for money even with the success of House of Cards, plus Christopher Walken really slumming it in a return to his role in Click. There are even rumors that this can’t possibly be a real Disney movie where Kevin Spacey is turned into a cat because he’s too busy running an empire to be a good father. This trailer sure feels like some kind of viral joke. We used to think Click was kind of underrated, but it’ll probably look like a masterpiece compared to this…..

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