‘Last Face’ At Cannes: Worst Reviews, Hottest Red Carpet [PHOTOS]


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The Last Face is easily the most hated movie of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. That didn’t keep the flick from bringing in the fest’s sexiest red carpet! Disgraced director Sean Penn couldn’t keep his eyes off the hot outfit sported by star Adele Exarchopoulos — but there was a lot more to see!

That includes lead actress Charlize Theron in a daring top that had photographers scrambling for good angles. We have one pic of Javier Barden and Jared Harris in an impressive show of eye contact in a setting where our eyeballs would be hoppin’ and poppin’. As you’ll see in this gallery, even Adele had to take a lingering look!

Plus some more beauties showed up — and enjoyed the luxury of not actually being in the film. Milla Jovovich easily upstaged the movie, plus Victoria’s Secret models Izabel Goulart and Alessandra Ambrosio also made for better viewing then the film. Alessandra went especially wild for the screening in an outfit that had us zooming in carefully to make sure she wasn’t nude — because we wouldn’t want to post a nude photo of a Victoria’s Secret model, of course. That would be wrong.

And there are even more striking beauties who showed off their beautiful bods before the poor audience had to sit through The Last Face. We know that critics often pan great films — Billy Madison, for example — but The Last Face is about Charlize as the director of of an international aid agency in Africa, and we’re pretty sure Sean Penn wasn’t subtle with any deep messages. We’re sticking with the red carpet…

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