These People Nailed How Awkward It Is To Have Sex in a Dorm

You know what’s awkward? Having sex in a room when someone is sleeping nearly five feet away from you. You know when there’s no way you can avoid that situation from happening? When you’re living in a 10×10 dorm room with another person. It sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Amirite?
Naturally, if there’s anyone who gets that hardship, it’s students. Which is why hearing their hilariously awkward stories of dorm room sex is one of the few things that will help get you through this day.
Students took to Whisper to share their stories on a virtual postcard a la Postsecret and some of their words are downright painful. And I’m talking cringeworthy, like never want to leave your bed again bad. Rest assured that we’ve all been there… just hopefully not this bad.
Check out their secrets below.

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