We Got Lucky Watching Jennifer Lawrence On Friday The 13th [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

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Jennifer Lawrence showed up on The Graham Norton Show over in England, and it was one of the real highlights of our Friday the 13th. Partly because Jennifer is still one of the few modern celebs who really knows how to liven up a talk show when it’s time to push a new film — and we’re happy to see X-Men: Apocalypse getting pushed, because it’s almost as good as Captain America: Civil War. Better 3D action, too.

But the important thing here is that Jennifer still proves that she’s the kind of gal who doesn’t mind revealing the important behind-the-scenes details of life as a movie star, including the difficulties of peeing when all dolled up in blue to play Mystique in a certain comic-book franchise.

The video is also fun as a reminder that Jennifer sure seems like a good sport to keep showing up in the X-Men franchise. We think that most Oscar winners would’ve ditched the character long ago. She’s a shape-shifter, anyway. Heck, we’d be okay if Rebecca Romijn came back in the role.

Also, scroll down past the video to see a few stills of Jennifer’s time on the couch last night. It’s just a few pics that we totally chose at random from some sources. Nothing to do with J-Law wearing a skimpy top or anything. We just like seeing her laugh…

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