WATCH: Baylor University Blows Up Floyd Casey Stadium [VIDEO]

floyd casey stadium explosion

Baylor University finally really did it — those maniacs! They blew it up! Ah, damn them! God damn them all to hell! Floyd Casey Stadium is no more, as the final remnants of the once great complex were imploded to make room for future developments by the empire builders of Waco, Texas.

A lot of memories went up, too. Sadly, there wasn’t much use for Floyd Casey Stadium after Baylor won its 2013 Big 12 championship season. The college celebrated by moving the Bears to a $260 million complex. That was good for recruitment, but bad for Floyd Casey and his namesake.

Floyd Casey Stadium hosted Baylor games for 64 years, though. That’s an impressive run in this world of colleges going nuts trying to build wild new sports complexes. The stadium hosted its first game on Sept. 30, 1950. Now it’s gone. The place didn’t even get to host the last big Baylor Bears brawl — but it blew up real good…

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