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WATCH: Wife Goes Batsh*t Crazy When She Meets Her Husband’s Alleged Mistress

Wife fight


When women find out their man is cheating, things get brutal. Whether you’re the quiet manipulative type that’ll strike when they least expect it, or a straight-up crazy person who throws the first punch without thinking twice about it, revenge will rear its nasty head eventually.

Enter this insane Chinese woman who brutally attackedĀ her husband’s alleged mistress. Not only did she beat the sh*t out of her in the middle of the street in front of several onlookers, but she also stripped off her clothes and cut off her hair. Clearly, b*tch got CRAZY.

God only knows what happened to her husband, but I’d expect something much worse based on how she ripped this chick apart. He couldn’t have gotten off easy, right? There’s probably a dude missing several limbs and an ear hanging around China right now.

The vicious attack was caught on camera and has since gone viral in China for obvious reasons. Watch the craziness unfold below but be warned, this may be disturbing for some.

Unless you’ve been cheated on/have cheated and were caught — then this might evoke some PTSD. Careful now!

[H/T: Mirror]

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