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Surgeon Accidentally Removes Patient’s Testicle, Tries Saving Himself With Most Hilarious Excuse Ever

Surgeon mistake


You know those horrifying stories about people going under for surgery and then waking up without a kidney? Well that’s nothing compared to what this poor guy went through after getting his testicle accidentally snipped by a clueless surgeon in 2014.

My whole body just cringed inward, literally.

According to The Daily Mail, Dr. Marwan Farouk is not someone who can be trusted. Not only did he cut off this poor sucker’s nut, but he also gave the worst excuse ever to save his ass — he told him it just shrunk.

WTF?! That’s f*cked up. Details of the botched operation make this story even more insane. From Express,

According to charges before the panel, he was also supposed to carry out an “excision of a right epididymal cyst” on the man’s right testicle, but removed it completely, it is alleged.

Details of the charges Dr Farouk faces state: “It is alleged that he removed Patient A’s entire right testicle, did not attempt to remove Patient A’s right epididymal cyst separately, and intended to cover up the fact that he had removed Patient A’s testicle.”

The charges continue: “It is further alleged that during a post-operative consultation with Patient A, Dr Farouk failed to inform Patient A that his testicle had been removed during the surgery and advised Patient A that ‘you have a small right testicle but it won’t give you any problems’, or words to that effect.”

Wow. Talk about being scarred for life. There’s only one way to go about this: let the victim cut off the doctor’s ball sack. It’s justified, right? Dude needs his day in the sun. Give it to him Farouk!!!!

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