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Colombian Prison Director Under Investigation After She Was Caught Twerking in Front of Inmates

Twerking Colombia


One of the first things you’re taught when working at a Colombian prison is to not twerk in front of the inmates. Pretty sure it’s part of the official rule book. But clearly Cali prison director Claudia Patricia Giraldo Ossa didn’t read up because she’s currently under investigation for doing just that.

The bodacious blonde was caught dancing with prisoners at a cultural event while donning a semi-revealing shirt and tight pants. Considering how long these guys have been locked up for, they really enjoyed the free show.

Men from Villahermosa Jail in Cali, Colombia packed themselves into the notorious Courtyard 5 while Ossa danced for them on an elevated stage. From the looks of the photos, prison guards were scarce, making this situation even more bizarre.

From The Sun,

Colleagues say Ossa had not intended to perform at the event but had got carried away when inmates called for her to get up on a makeshift stage.

The scandal emerged as Colombia’s new Minister of justice, Jorge Londono, declared a state of emergency in the country’s prisons.

Overcrowding is said to be causing severe problems with drug abuse and violence with most jails struggling with occupancy levels of more than 150 per cent.

Great timing, Claudia!

According to the site, she has yes to comment about her behavior, but officials say she’s under investigation.

[H/T: The Sun]

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