Paul Allen Takes Over The Internet With His Epic Reaction to Stephen Curry's MVP Moves

Last night’s game 4 of the Trail Blazers’ playoff series against the Golden State Warriors blew up because of NBA MVP Steph Curry. Dude played such an awesome game that he got an epic reaction from Microsoft cofounder and Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen, whose gaping mouth and genuinely dumbfounded look on his face swept the internet in meme form.
Gotta love the internet.
After Curry scored 17 of his 40 points in the final five minutes of overtime — the most points ever scored by a single player during a playoff overtime period — Curry sealed the Warriors’ fate like it was easy, leaving Allen totally shocked.
Whoever made that video, we have you to thank for all of these amazing Paul Allen reaction commentary that swept Twitter last night.

The new crying Jordan indeed. Some guy made that official with a hilariously awesome face swap.

This day can’t get any better.

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