Georgia Tech Student’s LED Matrix Graduation Cap Was The Best Part of Commencement

Georgia tech LED graduation cap


The four best years of your life are over, and you need to go out with a bang. And what better way to go out than with a high tech graduation cap?

This Georgia Tech student completely owned his commencement ceremony when he showed up in his blinged-out cap and gown. And we’re not talking about that cliche “thanks Mom and Dad!” sorority crafting BS — we’re talking a high tech scrolling message with LED lights.

Because why the hell not?

From the Redditor TrumpetH4X:

I had the idea to install a 32×32 LED matrix on the top of my mortarboard, with scrolling messages about my time at Georgia Tech. In between messages, I have my cap display a total of six different animated gifs. I’ve shortened the original duration of the displayed text messages in the video attached, but have a look.


• Georgia Tech’s “Miracle on Techwood Drive” vs. FSU

• GT Band parading before a home football game

• The Georgia Tech Solar Racing Team’s car on campus

• The 2014 Capital One Orange Bowl logo

• Waving GT flag

• “The Kick” by Harrison Butker against uga during 2014

Just make sure you get it back after the cap toss… you’re going to want to show your kids what a legend you were in college.

[H/T: BroBible]

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