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SNL Highlight: Dana Carvey Returns As The Church Lady [VIDEO]


saturday night live church lady video

Brie Larson hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and you’d think we’d be writing about some kind of big Mother’s Day sketch. Instead, the crowd went wild over the cold opening that brought back Dana Carvey as the Church Lady. That means a lot of people watching SNL still have fond memories of the ’80s, when Dana became a star with her prudish talk-show host.

It was kind of weird to see the (eerily ageless) Church Lady dealing with topics like Beyoncé and the Met Gala — especially because it felt like the show was leading with a “Weekend Update” that had a funny guest newscaster. But things also got topical with the Church Lady getting to grill Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Otherwise, Brie took it kind of easy as the host and just showed up in some sketches. Everyone still got lots of mileage out of Mother’s Day, including the mothers of Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon joining her onstage. Also, Kate got to revisit her character from the hit American Medical Association sketch, except talking about the afterlife instead of getting abducted by UFOs.

We’d probably include that video, but it looks like SNL’s social media staff didn’t come in to work for Mother’s Day. No videos have been officially posted — which is why we’re posting a sneaky bootleg video here of last night’s highlight. [UPDATE: SNL finally got somebody to come in to work]….

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