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Penn State Prez Is ‘Appalled’ People Won’t Shut Up About Jerry Sandusky


jerry sandusky penn state

Jerry Sandusky is back in the news, and some folks at Penn State aren’t happy. It seems that Penn State president Eric Barron was kind of hoping that everyone would forget about the child-molesting coach who sure seemed to have a lot of blind eyes turned to his perverted actions. Shouldn’t we all be, like, talking about Jared Fogle nowadays?  [photo: Patrick Smith/Getty]

Unfortunately for Barron, however, Sandusky — the serial child molester who, according to testimony, was caught molesting a 10-year-old in the Penn State showers to little immediate response — remains in the news. One of Sandusky’s victims has told CNN that legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno told him to drop the charges against Sandusky. NBC is also reporting that six other Penn State coaches knew that Sandusky was using his position to molest kids.

To which Eric Barron has issued a public statement saying, “Shaddupya face.”

More specifically, the official statement from Penn State says that the reporting is just “rumor, innuendo and [a] rush to judgment.” Also, “the allegations related to Penn State are simply not established fact.” Furthermore, the “two allegations related to knowledge by Coach Paterno are unsubstantiated and unsupported by any evidence other than a claim by an alleged victim.”

Yeah, what do alleged victims know about this kind of thing? It’s not like Jerry Sandusky was ever found guil.. oh, wait. He was.

Anyway, Barron adds that he, personally, “can think of few crimes as heinous as the sexual assault of a child.” He’s even “appalled by Sandusky’s actions.” But you know what’s kind of creepy? Barron uses that same word to address continued media coverage of Sandusky’s behavior and how Penn State handled the charges.

“I thought it was important to let you know my reaction to the media frenzy that has ensued over the past few days,” Barron says at the end of his statement. “I am appalled.”

Yeah. Barron is “appalled” that people are still asking questions about Sandusky, and allowing victims of a child molester to make allegations that “are simply not established fact.” Nice to have that on the record.

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