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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Comes Back From Being Declared Dead At Box Office…


captain america civil war box office

Captain America: Civil War is as big a deal as people predicted — which is a great relief to the people at Marvel Studios, since a lot of people declared the movie DOA on Friday night. That was in the aftermath of Civil War getting beat out by Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice on the Friday box-office.

That was back when Civil War brought in a mere $75 million against Dawn‘s $81 million. Yeah, we know that sounds crazy, but these superhero movies aren’t cheap. $75 million was legitimately disappointing — but that was before some word of mouth came along to match the rave reviews. Personally, we give Ant-Man’s big new presence a lot of credit for helping Civil War settle in to open at a very impressive $181.79 million dollars. Also, audiences got more than expected of Marvel Studio’s new revamping of Spider-Man (especially if they sat through all the credits).

That makes for Captain America: Civil War scoring the fifth largest opening weekend of all time. That was more in line with the movie setting a new record with over $200 million at the international box office. Meanwhile, Batman v Superman opened to a mere $166.1 million.

So it seems that we’re going to have a lot more superhero movies in our future, and they won’t all play out as inside jokes on the level of Deadpool. A few Hollywood types are still insisting that Civil War underperformed because it’s essentially Avengers 3, and it didn’t open as strongly as Avengers: Age of Ultron — despite having better reviews.

We’re thinking that Captain America: Civil War is still set to soar to an impressive profit — and while we’re embargoed from expressing an opinion about X-Men Apocalypse, we will predict that there will soon be a few think pieces about how this month has two superhero movies that both do a lot to provide a respectable sheen to comic-book movies.

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