Meet The World's Hottest Cop: Adrienne Koleszar

If you’re going to get pulled over by a cop for driving like a douche bag, you at least want the officer to be a hot girl, right? Well if you live in Germany, you’re one lucky SOB.
Adrienne Koleszar is the hottest cop in the world, and we’re not the only people who think that — the entire internet agrees. Could you really resist this woman in uniform? If you have to think twice about it, check out the photo below and get back to us.

Yup, that’ll do it.
The gorgeous blonde isn’t only protecting the lives of millions of people, she’s also a health guru and is constantly posting photos of her insane body and healthy lifestyle. People are finally taking notice.
The 31-year-old has acquired more than 157,00 followers since her photos started going viral earlier this week. Naturally her newly loyal gawkers all want to be arrested and given a full frisk on arrival. We can’t blame them. Koleszar is absolutely stunning, and with her ready-for-action body, we’re sure she can also kick some serious ass.
Check out her hottest photos below.
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