Girl Catches Boyfriend Cheating & Goes After Other Woman, But Things End With a Horrifying Twist

Well, this is terrifying. In a video recently uploaded to LiveLeak, a Tennessee woman catches her boyfriend cheating and goes after in hopes of getting justice. But instead of getting the swift smack to the face she presumably wished she did, she gets run over by the other woman while trying to get away from the girlfriend. Ouch.
Sounds f*cked up, right? That’s because it is. Not only did this chick find out her boyfriend was a lying scumbag, but then she gets run over by his side piece?! The world is cruel and dark and really, really unfair.
In the below video, the woman finds her boyfriend cheating on her and goes after the other woman. After initially taking things out on her boyfriend, the woman moves onto the woman, who she begins throwing things at her car in an attempt to smash her window. But before she can do any real damage, the woman runs the girlfriend over, leaving her with a badly broken leg. Sounds like they should take this fight to Jerry Springer.
The shocking incident was caught on a bystander’s cell phone and uploaded to the streaming service shortly after. It’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Check out the insanity for yourself below.
Just to forewarn you, the video is graphic, so watch at your own risk below.
[protected-iframe id=”afbfc5bed2220ec9169f08e9a5eea754-3508545-79209639″ info=”” width=”656″ height=”369″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=””]

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