Milana Vayntrub: Full Story & Must See Details of AT&T Girl

Everyone has more or less been freaking out about this gorgeous girl – Lily – in these AT&T commercials. And honestly, I can’t blame them. Not only is she gorgeous, but she has quite the interesting background.

Lily, The AT&T Girl

Milana Vayntrub was born in Tashkent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. Yes, that USSR. She’s an actress, comedian, writer, and producer. She’s Jewish, and because of that religion, moved to West Hollywood when she was three years old to escape religious persecution. Which is amazing for two reasons: A) the obvious courage and will it takes to escape religious persecution, and B), moving to West Hollywood of all places. Even more amazingly so, here is a picture of Milana as a little girl, participating in an interview with ABC after just coming to the United States:

Two years after arriving in the United States, she was acting in Barbie commercials for Mattel. However, it wasn’t in pursuit of a childhood dream to be an actress, but due to her family’s financial problems.
When she grew older, she briefly attended Beverly Hills High School, but would eventually drop out. However, she earned her GED, and then majored in communications at The University of California. While in college, she also received training with the improv comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade.
After college, she would go on to partner up with friend Stevie Nelson to start the YouTube comedy channel Live Prude GirlsThis channel spawned the highly successful web series Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting.

As her career progressed, she starred in numerous College Humor videos, and had small bit part roles in both television and films, including in Life Happens.

Then in 2013, she got her “big break”, portraying a saleswoman named “Lily Adams” in a series of commericials for AT&T. It was through these that she was “noticed”:

Since then, Miliana has kept busy. After visiting Greece in 2016, where she met refugee families who were fleeing Syria, Milana co-founded the social media movement #CantDoNothing, which was done in an effort to spotlight the European migrant crisis.
Her heart appears to be made of gold, too, as her family vacation to Greece with her Dad turned into a documentary about the Syrian refugees. You can check out more of her efforts at

In 2014, she appeared in both Showtime’s House of Lies and Californication, and the HBO series Silicon Valley. In 2016, she had a role in the Netflix comedy Love.

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