Kewanne Lee: Full Story & Must-See Details on NCCU Student

Kewanne Malik Lee is the North Carolina Central University student who was found dead in their dormitory at Ruffin Hall. Details on the story are just now coming in, but students at NCCU are tweeting out this photo and name:
That photo matches an Instagram picture uploaded by @Wanne__, who goes by Kewanne Lee.

Who Was Kewanne Lee?

Kewanne Lee was by all accounts a very nice person who was friendly with everyone. The 22-year-old used to work in the school’s convenience store, where students would say he always wore a smile.
He’s also the reigning Mr. Association of Students For A Better Africa NCCU ’15-’16.

How Did He Die?

Police are now confirming that Junior NCCU student Kewanne Malike Lee died on campus of a sudden illness.

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