DC Bus Hijacking: Full Story and Must-See Details

A group of armed juveniles hijacked a bus in the Metro DC area this morning. According to reports, some of the armed suspects stabbed the bus driver with a screwdriver. None of the passengers were harmed. The bus driver is currently at the hospital.
Update–11:44 AM: We now know the suspect was actually a single adult male, not juveniles. He stabbed the driver with a pair of needle nose pliers, not a screwdriver.
The police stopped the bus on the 4200 block of Minnesota Ave NE. At least one of the suspects are in custody.

What Happened?

According to reports, one suspect (an adult male) hijacked a WMATA bus this morning. Apparently he stabbed the bus driver with a needle nose plier in the neck the driver attempted to exit the vehicle. At that moment, a few of the passengers on the bus ran.
Afterwards, the bus was hijacked. During the ensuing joy ride, the adult male apparently hit a bus full of senior citizens. The senior citizens are apparently OK.

Afterwards, the bus allegedly hit a pedestrian who was dragged. That person later died.
The suspect is now in custody and was taken to the hospital, according to D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier. Lanier continued to say “It’s a bizzare incident. The whole incident occurred in less than three minutes.”

Where Did The Hijacking Occur?

It’s not known exactly where the suspect got onto the bus, but the whole incident didn’t last all that long.

Photos from Bus Hijacking

This story is developing. Refresh for updates.

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