Radiohead Is Disappearing From The Internet And It's Freaking Fans Out…

Radiohead has a confirmed Twitter account with 1.58 million followers. All of the previous Tweets have been deleted. Radiohead has an official website at That site has gone completely blank. Radiohead has an official confirmed Facebook page with over 11 million “likes.” That page has been wiped clean back to 2009. [UPDATE: Completely wiped clean as of 1:55 PM EST — with the last comment there being a new one from a fan plaintively asking: “What are you doing?”]
We do not know what this means. Is the new album called Blank, or Wiped, or maybe Gone? People are starting to wonder. Really serious Radiohead fans tells us that the band also recently sent out cryptic messages saying: “Sing a song of sixpence that goes/Burn the Witch/We know where you live.” That’s one complicated 404 message.
The confirmed Youtube account is still up, though. We’ll keep checking there. That’s where we got the video below from. Last thing they put up in a year, though….

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