WATCH: Larry Wilmore Drops N-Word At 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner [VIDEO]

The 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner was held last night, which means that we’re complaining about unfunny Larry Wilmore instead of an unfunny episode of Saturday Night Live. We’ve already addressed the beautiful celebrities on the red carpet for the event. As expected, things went downhill from there.
The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is an annual event where political reporters get to admit that they feel like they’re really celebrities who — much like Susan Sarandon and Steven Seagal — really know much better than normal folks how to live a proper life. Obviously, the success of The Daily Show and offshoots really made the event an even bigger celebration of creepiness over the past two decades.
At least there were a few years when comedians could step up and speak truth to power with a Republican POTUS at the table. The past eight dinners, of course, have just been embarrassingly fawning to the Commander-in-Chief. Wilmore didn’t exactly shake things up. Yeah, there’s a fun dig at Don Lemon of CNN infamy. Otherwise, the guy who’s put an end to post-Daily Show ratings after taking over for Stephen Colbert was just kind of painful to watch.
And yet here’s the video, because you can skip to the end and hear Larry Wilmore say to the President of the United States: “Yo, Barry — you did it, my nigga!” Technically, that’s not the n-word, but it’s bad enough that everybody seems to be saying “the n-word” in their headlines, and we’re not going to push our luck….

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