If You Can’t Find a Girlfriend, It’s Probably Because You’ve Never Been to Jail According to New Study

Finding someone to love you is hard. But apparently it’s not that hard if you have a criminal record. Who would’ve thought?!

According to a new study by Dr. Philippe Bensimon at the University of Montreal, hybristophilia — attraction to people who have committed a crime — is coming in hot, especially among women.

The study, which zeroed in on prison guards and other correctional workers, found that almost four percent of prison workers (including psychologists, social workers, nurses, teachers, and other professionals) will experience some form of attraction to inmates. Published in the journal Déliquance, justice et autres questions de société, research also found that over 70% of sexual misconduct cases in US correctional facilities involved a female staff member, despite women making up less than half of the prison workforce.

“It’s taboo. All penal institutions, without exception, are affected by this phenomenon, but prison administrators try to deny its existence: they don’t even talk about it in staff training,” explained researcher Dr Bensimon.

He also discussed that the number of women who experience emotional ties with an inmate can be explained: “‘This is possibly explained by the fact that women occupy mainly professional positions. For example, in Canada, many correctional facilities for men are mostly made up of women clinicians, including criminologists, psychologists, and nurses.”

The male inmates are opening up to female workers, and thus engaging in vulnerable and emotional dialect. Makes sense.

So for anyone looking — if you want a girlfriend, just get a criminal record and hit on one of those hot prison guards! It’s not that hard. Good luck!

[H/T: The Daily Mail]

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