Lil’ Kim Looks Like an Entirely Different Person & WTF HAPPENED?!

So, this is weird. Remember Lil’ Kim? Well, after looking at these photos, you won’t believe you’re looking at the same person.

The once mega star has altered her appearance countless times before — over the last five years she’s been almost unrecognizable thanks to numerous plastic surgery procedure — but her skin color has always remained the same. However, that’s no longer the case. The rapper is donning a much lighter skin tone, leaving fans to believe that she bleached her skin.

WTF!? THAT’S LIL’ KIM?! It’s unbelievable and people are letting it all hang out. Here’s what some had to say about her drastically new appearance:

Lil Kim look like Becky with the good hair now 😂

— Skinny Legend (@hisgearWACK) April 25, 2016

Leave #LilKim @LilKim . We've all changed something on our bodies, be it hair colour, boobs, bum or tattoos etc. Her body her choice folks.

— Mine Alpar (@_minimausu) April 25, 2016

Lil kim is wildin son word 2 ya mother her face look like that????

— CARIS LEVERT (@smooth_slime) April 25, 2016

Y'all mad at Lil Kim for trying to look like the same beckys and foreign hoes y'all worship. Maybe black men should uplift their women.

— The Mut⁶ (@Griseldv_Blvnco) April 25, 2016

Lil Kim looks like a blade and soul avatar

— 🇯🇲👺👹Black Hanzo👹👺🇨🇦 play Unist/bbcf/GG (@MF_Ninja) April 25, 2016

Lil Kim looks like Casper the friendly ghost. ..😱

— Kee Marie (@Keedy_Marie) April 25, 2016

Regardless of what you think, one thing is for certain: Lil’ Kim has officially transformed herself into a blonde white woman. Fascinating.

Check out her must-see photos below.

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