WATCH: Chad Johnson Plays FIFA At Fraternity House



Chad Johnson aka Chad Ochocinco lives in an expensive mansion, but doesn’t have much inside of it. To his credit, the former Pro Bowl WR makes no attempts to hide the fact that he’s broke as hell.

But three things that Chad does have are a television, a video game console, and a working copy of FIFA 2016. And he’s apparently very good at FIFA, something he also makes no attempts to hide.

So it should come as no surprise that when he traveled to Gainesville, he also issued an open challenge to take on anyone and everyone in FIFA.

The brothers at Tau Epsilon Phi responded quick enough with an invite

Guess who showed up ready to hit the sticks?

And ready he was, because apparently he whooped any and every FIFA player in the house.

The TEP brothers have a pretty cool setup in whatever room it was that they played in. Seems like they’ve got a raised platform to sit on, while the people watching are on a lower level. Also, shoutout to the guy ripping dabs on the couch.

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