UFC 197: Jon Jones Warms Up By Punching A Gal [VIDEO]

UFC 197 featured Jon Jones making a great comeback as he returned to the ring to win a decision over Ovince Saint Preux to win interim light heavyweight title. It was a big night for Jones, who’d lost his UFC title in April of 2015 after a bizarre hit-and-run incident in Alburquerque, New Mexico that was worthy of Breaking Bad.
Jones had fled the scene of a car accident after his car ran a red light and caused a crash that left a pregnant woman with a broken arm. It wasn’t too cool that there was a pipe packed with marijuana in the car. But it was even less cool when Jones ran back to the car real quick to grab some cash before running away.

So maybe it wasn’t too shocking that Jones punched a gal while getting to the ring. At least it was accidental, though. Of course, UFC footage gets killed constantly, but a decent Vine has emerged via the Twitter account of Yellow Power Ranger. We don’t even mind the short laugh accompanying the footage, since the guffawing guy obviously wasn’t laughing at the poor female fan who can now brag of surviving a punch to the face from Jon Jones.
We wouldn’t have handled it as well. Not just because we’re big softies at heart, but also because our lawyers advise us to throw ourselves to the ground if anyone from the UFC even gives us a mean look. We didn’t get that lucky this weekend — although Weird Al Yankovic threw us a friendly wave. No money in that, though…

UFC 197 Live Stream: How To Watch Jones vs. OSP Online
UFC 197 Live Stream: How To Watch Jones vs. OSP Online
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