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PSU Students Unhappy With School’s Decision To Cancel THON Canning



Penn State students were livid at the new changes that were just set in place for Penn State’s Inter Fraternity Council/Panhellenic Dance MaraTHON the next upcoming years. “Canning” weekends, where most of the donations for pediatric cancer come from, are to be phased out by THON 2019.

This past fall on the first canning trip, Vitalya “Tally” Sepot was ejected and died instantly on the scene when the car overturned on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Gloom rained over the Penn State campus at the loss of another student, and the two other canning weekends that were scheduled for last fall were cancelled.

However, this decision is going to change THON forever. THON is the biggest student run philanthropy in the world, raising up to $137,657,890.66 since THON began. Most of this money comes from the canning weekends, students and their friends drive home to all different places and stand outside of malls, coffee and bagel shops, grocery stores, intersections, etc., collecting money for the cause. This year, when two of the canning weekends were cancelled, this decreased the amount of money raised from the previous year by just over $3 million. Canning is the main source of donations and an activity that gets students motivated in raising money for THON. Without canning weekends, who knows what kind of impact this well have.

The reasons for this decision revolved around the safety procedures of canning, especially travel concerns. My thing is, however, is that people get into car accidents all of the time and not just from traveling a few hours outside of State College to can.

I understand that THON is looking in the student’s best interests and safety, but this change will cause more sick children their lives, than Penn State Students.

  • COED Writer