Peebles, Ohio Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details

A search for a gunman in Peebles, Ohio has begun this morning after 7 seven family were found dead. No victims have been identified yet, but the police are already hard at work.

What Happened:

The shooting happened early this morning (Friday, April 22), and the police believe that the “active shooter” is still at large, although they are believed to no longer be at the scene of the family shooting. There has been no information yet on who the shooter might be. According to the Pike County Sherrif’s Office, an official press release won’t be released until Saturday, April 23.

According to Fox Live, 3 separate scenes have been found. You can see their live stream of the scene here.

Who Are The Victims:

The Peebles, OH shooting victims have been confirmed as 2 children and 6 adults who were shot execution style.

MORE PIKE CO.: This adds a 4th crime scene near Peebles, OH as well. 6 adults, 2 children shot execution-style, according to AG. @WCPO

— Evan Millward (@EvanMillward) April 22, 2016

One of the adults has been identified as Dana Rhoden, amd the other confirmed adult as her ex-husband. The other victims include Dana’s children and some of her grandchildren.

It’s being reported that two grandchildren managed to survive. They’ve been taken to local hospitals.

When Was It Discovered:

BNO News reported the crime early Friday morning. You can check out the newscast here.

Who Is Involved:

An Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation spokesperson stated that they are sending “everybody” to Peebles after a request from the Pike County Sherrif’s Office. The original shooting occurred on the east side of Peebles, along Union Hill Road. Officers from the cyber crimes investigation unit have also been added to the case.

Who Is The Shooter:

A suspect has not yet been identified, and the shooter is still at large. A source at the Chillicothe Gazette has released that there are multiple scenes relating to the deaths, and the crimes are seemingly connected. A Union Road resident, Golide Holderbran, said that even the mail carrier “told me there’s something seriously bad going on up the road.”

What Is Happening At The Scene:

According to Twitter user @saranealeigh, police are only letting passerby get to a certain distance before the scene, before they are stopped and held back. Pike County is currently a trending topic on Twitter as more and more breaking news is released.

As a precaution, both Peebles High School and Peebles Elementary School, which are about 25 minutes away from the crime, has also been locked down since the news of the crime broke. All Adams County Ohio Valley Schools have also been put on lockdown as a precaution.

This is a breaking news story, refresh for updates.

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