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WATCH: Anthony Cantu Arrest Video, Ole Miss Student Tased

Anthony Cantu Taser Arrest video


Anthony Cantu, an Ole Miss student, was attending a party at FoxFire Ranch last weekend when he was tackled and tased by an off-duty Sheriff’s Deputy. We’ll get to the details in a second, but moments like this are exactly why it’s a good idea to film the police.

The full video of the arrest and subsequent tasering/beatdown comes to us from TotalFratMove, who say that the video was submitted by their readers.

Here’s a little backstory from TFM:

This past Saturday, an Ole Miss student was brutally taken down by what is undoubtedly the bravest and toughest cop in the world around the end of a field party at Foxfire Ranch in Mississippi. The party was attended by over a thousand people, many of whom were Ole Miss students.

As some of the students were walking off the property, Anthony Cantu allegedly headbutted a private security officer and broke his nose.

Obviously we weren’t there, but watching the video it doesn’t look like Anthony was the main antagonist in any of this. In fact, he’s so short that I doubt a headbutt from him could break anyone’s nose. Then again, he was able to stand up after one of the big and bad Sheriff’s Deputies threw a good fifteen punches at his head.

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