Hot Disney Star Gets Arrested for Drunk Driving Because Of Course She Did! She's a Disney Star!

Disney might be one of the best channels for kids, but it’s probably the worst decision you can make as an actor — disney stars always grow up to be all sorts of f*cked up. Just look at Miley Cyrus and Shia LaBeouf. And with news that the network’s biggest star just got hit with drunk driving charges, it doesn’t look like the string of debaucherous behavior will stop anytime soon.
For those of you who aren’t tuning into the Disney channel every morning and don’t know who Debby Ryan is, now’s the time to get acquainted — before we dive into her poor decision making skills. She currently plays Jessie on the hit show The Suite Life on Deck and she’s really, really good looking.

Right? At least she has that going for her. Anyway, back to the real story at hand.
According to TMZ, the 22-year-old actress was arrested for felony drunk driving after she slammed into an oncoming Mercedes last week. It was around 11 p.m. when the incident occurred in LA, and the driver claimed injury. After authorities gave her a sobriety test, she blew a .11 and arrested her for felony DUI. Luckily for Debby, the cops went easy on her and wound up dropping the charge to a misdemeanor. Presumably because she brings smiles to children’s faces on the daily and looks like that.

Debby — who’s out on $100k bail — has been charged with 2 criminal offenses … driving under the influence and driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher.

Damn, that sucks. Her reps have yet to address the situation, but the below tweet is pretty telling:
Yeah Debby, so are we. So. Are. We.

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