Facebook Video Hilariously Sums Up What Conservatives Think Bernie Sanders Stands For

With every political article I read, I find myself with only one remaining thought: damn, I can’t wait for this election to be f*cking over.

But alas, we have a few good months left, and with them will come an overwhelming amount of irritating supporters and (worse) douchey haters. Unfortunately we have no control over any of it. The only thing we can do is sit back, relax, and laugh at all of them.

Aside from Donald Trump, an easy target for mass media and the majority of voters who want to spend their time trashing someone, Bernie Sanders has come under fire for the sole reason that he just wants “free stuff.” The Vermont senator has openly declared himself a socialist, and aims to rid America of monetary hardships like college tuition and healthcare. While Sanders has struck a cord with Bernie Bros — along with Courtney Stodden and this topless protester — he has yet to convince hardcore republicans, who insist the politician’s platforms piggyback on the hard work of other people.

If you think the same, you’ll understand the irony of this video:

While it was originally posted two months ago, it’s making the rounds once again and commenters are having a damn good time with it. Because, obviously.

Even the Bus is #BurnedOuthttps://t.co/ps5ENvBam2 pic.twitter.com/SnyM8BcDW1

— Citizens Fed Up (@CitizensFedUp) February 8, 2016

Regardless of our political beliefs, it is pretty hilarious. Especially because there’s definitely some guy out there who really believes this speaks for the entirety of Sanders’ campaign.

So once again — can this election cycle just be over? I’m tired.

[H/T: Conservative Tribune]

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