Bella Hadid Leaves Little to the Imagination in Sexy Photo Shoot

If there’s a hotter sibling duo than Gigi and Bella Hadid out there in the world, we want to meet them ASAP. Aside from Bella Thorne and her sister (who don’t really count because the one isn’t famous), the Hadid’s are the hottest sisters in Hollywood right now. And while we love Gigi, today we’re going to talk about her younger sister Bella, who’s stealing the limelight in a practically nude Instagram photo.

Holy mother of God WTF is going on? What is this secret project and when will it come out? Should we be on standby? Whatever, we will be just in case. You’re welcome.

While we wait to see how that little project turns out, here’s some equally hot photos of Bella in the latest issue of Glamour Germany. Between mesh dresses and studded bra tops, it really is your lucky day.

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